More Music – Less Plastic

Environmental pollution is one of the biggest problems of modern Vietnamese society. As music and cultural activists, we are interested in using our expertise and influence to contribute to the impact of environment protection and raise awareness of the community to build a healthy living environment, a civilized society for Vietnamese people.

Why “More Music, Less Plastic”?

Do you know…

Plastic waste is a major cause of environmental pollution.

According to statistics, plastic waste nowadays occupies a main part of solid waste. This is the main cause of environmental pollution. Vietnam currently ranks 17th in 109 countries in term of the amount of plastic waste generated annually.

According to the World Bank, the average Vietnamese household uses 35 plastic bags a week and the whole country reaches about 938 million. If an average of 100 bags weight 5kg, the amount of plastic bags used each week will be up to 46,900 tons.

Meanwhile, domestic waste prossessing in our country today is mainly buried. The recycling and reuse of plastic waste account for a very small percentage and depends largely on the collection of recyclable waste by spontaneous waste collection system.

Therefore, reducing plastic waste is a necessary and urgent mission at the present. We hope that, as lovers of music and being civilized citizens, you will also choose and move towards a civilized lifestyle, reducing the burden on the environment. That’s the way we save ourselves and save the earth.

Hozo decides to issue free tickets by #hozochallenge with the hope that our message of raising awareness about the harmful effects of plastic waste, reducing plastic waste will be spread to create good effects in the community.

Join us to spreading this message to make our city filled with music with a healthier living environment.