The Idea

HOZO is an Annual International Music Festival hosted by Ho Chi Minh City, which takes place for the first time in Dec 2019 to promote values of music & culture, create high quality music space for international music artists, producers and audience.

Introducing and Promoting Music and Culture Values

HOZO creates a CreativeDynamicHumanistic music space through the exchange of music between Viet Nam with other countries. This festival will introduce the specialties of Vietnam’s music to the world. HOZO – HCMC International Music Festival is built under a format to be an annual international music festival.

Connecting and Creating High Quality Music Space

This is a great chance for the audience as well as organizations and artists in music and entertainment industries to meet world-class music artists and experts, enjoy variety of interesting music spaces to catch up with the latest music trends, newest knowledge and the diversity of the world’s music.

Spreading Good Values

Music is not all about entertainment and culture, it also can convey many other humanistic values and messages about crucial and critical problems of the society such as environment protection or peace.