Vocal Tempo Band

Absolute Winners of the second edition of The X Factor, Spain.

Vocal Tempo develops the artistic concept of imitating the sound of musical instruments with the voice. The band obtains an excellent musical quality along with an exquisite sound in the different genres of their repertoire. This repertoire alternates personal compositions with classical and popular songs, revised in a very personal manner.

​Vocal Tempo’s live concerts produce the strange feeling of listening to each of the different instruments in a band without seeing any of them. The voices are enough to offer the audience sounds such as bass guitar, guitar, percussion or brass.

They have performed multiple presentations on tours around many different countries, such as:

Jazz Plaza Festival Havana, A Cappella Festival Hannover, Latin Festival Villa de Teror, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Tempo Latino  Vic Fezensac, Catstown Jazz festival. – Holland, FESTILAC  Geneva, Full moon Jazz, Sicily, Voicemania, Viena, Festival de Música Tropical. Helsinki, among many others.

Vocal Tempo is currently presenting their new album “Con La Boca Abierta” experimenting with new and modern sounds mix with traditional ones.

Vocal Tempo Website