Japanese Drum Team SAI

The Group was formed in 2005 by Takayuki Kasai.

They performed at various places in Japan using Japanese traditional instrument wadaiko.

There is a Japanese expression, “Dogimo wo nuku”, which means receiving a dumbfounding experience. They promise their audiences to give “dogimo wo nuku” moments by their Japanese traditional drum performances.

In 2012, Sai became the champion of drum contest “Japan Taiko association sponsered Wadaiko contest East Japan region ”. They have taken part in commercials of famous companies such as McDonald’s (2014) and Google (2015). Furthermore, SAI won a favorable coverage in the newspapers and magazines for their activities.

Japan tour held in 2015 ended in a huge success, having the tickets sold out for most of the concerts.

Professional Japanese Drum Group SAI is “hot” in Japan now.