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Musician Nguyen Le is known as one of the world-class JAZZ guitarists. His albums are currently being released by ATC, one of Europe’s largest and most prestigious jazz labels. With a mastering performance of traditional reformed melodies in his improvise, he has created a unique technique and language in the guitar world.

The album “Tales of Vietnam” is the one that had made a name for him and won many awards around the world. In this album, traditional Vietnamese melodies and tunes played in Jazz and World music style have officially introduced to the world a fairly complete picture of Vietnam through music, with a combination of the contemporary musical languages ​​of the world. Nguyen Le has created an unforgettable unique in virtuoso fingers together with the exiting attractiveness of traditional Vietnamese melodies such as Over the Windy Bridge (Qua cau gio bay), Ly Ngua O, Tambourine (Trong Com)….

Coming back to Vietnam this time, artist Nguyen Le invited artist Cuong Vu, the trompete artist in the top of the list of famous solo artists of contemporary music in the world, to cooperate in his band – the band devoted for HOZO Music Festival.

Cuong Vu also has a glorious career and is the idol of most Vietnamese musicians and music producers today. He participates in bands of many world famous artists. As a member of Pat Metheny, he won two Grammy Awards for Best Contemporary Jazz Album with Speaking of Now and The Way Up. He is both a trumpet player and a singer of the Metheny group. Cuong Vu is the first Vietnamese person to win an official Grammy in a prestigious category.

Along with Illya Amar (Vibraphone & Kat), Chris Jennings (Bass), John Hadfield (drums & perc), the combination of Nguyen Le’s band this time also includes Vietnamese musicians and artists such as the flute artist Hoang Anh flute. The Dan Bau – Hung Quang and saxophonist Tran Manh Tuan will also perform Vietnamese folk songs for the first time through Nguyen Le’s beautiful remixes. This is expected to be a world-class performance of Vietnamese artists, and is an opportunity for listeners to be surprised when the traditional melodies, that are so close to us, are remixed and performed in World Music language, very contemporary and international. The repertoires in this performance are also the pieces played and sung in a special style created for HOZO festival.

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