Le Thanh Tam & SPO Tran Nhat Minh

The talented artists of Ho Chi Minh City will open the stages of Hozo.

Carefully invested in by the Ho Chi Minh City Performing Arts Center, Le Thanh Tam, one of the leading producers of the Vietnamese music market, has been invited to compose and arrange for a band with a new structure, combining with voices such as Vo Ha Tram, Cao Công Nghĩa, Oplus… with special appearance of Saigon Pop Orchestra (SPO) will open stage for HOZO 2019.

SPO is a semi-classical orchestra, formed from the bold and innovative ideas of the youngest conductor in Vietnam today, Tran Nhat Minh, who has been trained in conducting symphony orchestra but has a lot of music shows and singers seeking for and asking for collaboration.

These musicians and bands will bring new compositions, songs, rhythms, and lyrical songs to be performed at the HOZO festival this time. SPO and Le Thanh Tam will provide Vietnamese and international audiences with a comprehensive picture of the people, the spirit, the unique rhymes of the Southern people, the values ​​of East – West and about the new and the old combination of traditional music in Comtemporary and World Music symphonies.