Johny Stimson


If you could capture all of the emotions of the human experience into a melody, it would sound an awful lot like Johnny Stimson. Navigating feelings of love and loss, joy and sorrow,nostalgia and growing up all into a beautiful songs, Johnny’s music shares a spirit that has no borders.

He blends a soulful rasp with a modern pop sensibility to create melodies that make a little home in your heart. Sprinkled with RnB over tones and a classic singer-songwriter sensitivity, he aims to spread love through his music.

For most artists, starting local and building up from there is the only way to go. For Johnny, things began a little more globally.With nods of approval from artists like BTS, Elton John, Tori Kelly, Aespa,The Boyz and many others, he gained international recognition early on and hasn’t looked back since. In 2021 he released two critically acclaimed albums Flower and Butterflies with the first going 2X platinum in Korea.’

In 2022, Johnny started releasing songs from his next project Johnny’s World and touring around the world. While the music may always be evolving and new inspiration forming, at its core, it all still point to his roots… sharing love and positivity with a melody.

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