Cosmopolitan Urbane

Cosmopolitan Urbane Jazz Band consists of Tass Petridis (bass) and Gerry PanTazis (drum) from Australia, combined with Nguyen Tuan Nam (piano) and Dung Da Lat (guitar) – the two leading musicians of Vietnam currently.

Tass Petridis and Gerry Pantazis are two Greek jazz artists who have achieved success in Australia, where they live. Coming to HOZO with the album “Cosmopolitan” by bass guitar Tass Petridis, a music project without borders, the album was composed and produced by himself in Vietnam together with music producer Le Thanh Tam and a series of artists from around the world participate in collaborations and recordings in many different countries. Not only is it a classy Jazz-Funk concert album, it also shows an open-minded musical mindset, a working style in a digital age, when musicians can still participate in composing, record on many different continents but still retain an overall sense of each note. A Jazz-Funk quartet is worth the wait at this HOZO festival.

P/s: Coming to Vietnam this time, Cosmopolitan Urbane not only performed at the Hozo music festival, on the morning of December 15, at the Light Music Center No. 57 Cao Thang, they also had a specialized workshop at high level of profession in jazz performance, with 2 instruments based on Bass and Drum. This is one of the activities that the music industry has been waiting for since Hozo festival. Students of music and musicians of the city will have the opportunity to exchange, rehearse, improvise and ask questions directly to the world’s leading artists and musicians to improve their skills in playing instruments.